From Pencils to Pixels

Art… the ever evolving way we humans express ourselves. Oh, but what a powerful thing it is. Dating all the way back to when we could only do cave drawings, we used art to tell stories. In comparison to the amount of time man has been on this planet, the evolution of the way we communicate through art is an amazing phenomenon.

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These days, we view a lot of artwork on screen. TVs, LCDs, CRTs… all just techno-babble for “canvas” in reality. Millions of us on the planet express ourselves artistically on screen, from traditional art to animated multi-media. I too, display a majority of my artistic visions on these digital canvases. Even though we live in a technical world, seeing great art in pixel form, everything starts out with a story or vision.


For me to get the vision out of my mind, I always start with paper and pencil. It’s the quickest way to get it out of the mind and into carbon form. Sometimes I even wake up from a dream and quickly blast out an idea as a rough sketch. Once you have the vision on paper, the possible ways of telling the rest of the story are infinite!

As you surf around this website, you will see that I am a man of many hats with lots of experience expressing my art in a digital world… from traditional artwork to completely digital animation. You will also see that I love my pencils just as much as the pixels and a little bit about what kind of person I am. Please enjoy!